Diviner Class Guide

Hello! You there! With the bored look and the glass of wine!

Do you enjoy

  • that smug feeling of superiority you get from knowing more than everyone else?

  • bossing people around?

  • unlocking enormous vortices of unspeakable power?

  • spreadsheets? Or at least, keeping track of everything that’s happening around you to a meticulous, nay, anal retentive degree?

  • controlling the strings of fate?

And do you really dislike

  • moving? Like, to the point you would rather tear a hole in the fabric of space and time than walk across a dungeon?

  • doing damage to things? I mean, you could, but it’s tres gauche, n’est-ce pas?

  • getting punched in the face? Or even letting your friends get punched in the face?

  • you know what, really violence of any sort?

  • except that you can’t really help but notice how vulnerable those monsters are, and if you happened to point out their weak spots to your allies so they could do massive damage, that’s kind of fun, right?

  • you know what it is you don’t like? Physical exertion. You’d really just rather be over here, sipping a nice Chardonnay, and telling your minions - ahem - teammates what to do, am I right?

Great. Let’s talk about your future. In fact, let’s talk about all the futures. Let’s talk about the Diviner.

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