Captain America is a Nazi, but who cares? (Whoops, looks like I'm back to depression!)

Image Credit:  The Daily Beast  (c/o Marvel Comics) 

Image Credit: The Daily Beast (c/o Marvel Comics) 

65 Days Until President Trump

A while back, Captain America became a Nazi.

The change was due to a time-manipulating girl/doohickey named Kobik, and of course the Red Skull. They essentially rewrote history to give Steve Rogers Nazi sympathies, turning him into the ultimate sleeper agent.

Comic booooooooks!

The writer of the series, Nick Spencer, is a Clinto supporter, and made the radical move to explore the changing nature of fascism in the modern world. Turning Uncle Sam's little brother into a Nazi was certainly one way to do that.

Donald Trump is the President-elect. No one saw that coming, either. This will be such an interesting way to explore the changing nature of fascism in the modern world!

For instance, appointing Not-Literally-Joseph-Goebbels to be the White House's chief strategist. That will be really intriguing. Maybe after Trump "opens up the libel laws" they'll be able to start sending journos to debtor's prison? I'm sure Mike "Loved those 1650s" Pence will be all in favor. Maybe there will be a surprising plot twist involving the Supreme Court!

Having the enthusiastic support of the former Grand Wizard of the KKK should also be neat to see. I'll bet we are going to get a lot of characterization of the "America" character in the next couple years. Given all the racists who've been emboldened to show their true colors since Trump started his candidacy and who've been even further validated since he got the nod from the electors (albeit not the electorate by over a million votes now), I'm starting to think that America is going to be a real dickweed at the start of Season 45! How do you come back from that without killing off the character?

Okay, I promise something rah-rah tomorrow. Tonight I am going to work on my own series, "Johnny Walker, Liver Avenger!"