A new (pre)dawn

For those of you who've read my previous efforts in the blogosphere, first, a heartfelt thank you. It's a tough thing to keep doing -- as my rather, um, spotty track record shows nicely -- and knowing that somebody's reading along is truly a great reward. In the past, it hasn't proven to be quite enough, though this last go-round I was doing pretty well until someone had to come along and get bornon me. Some people, I tell you.

It's taken some figuring, but here's how I'm getting it done these days: four A.M. Mostly anymore, I'm not up on baby duty, so getting up to get an hour of writing out before I head into work is something I can make happen at least a few times per week. Add to that the odd timeslot here and there -- and the fact that my TV just seems to have died on me -- and I'm confident that I can turn out at leastone good page a week.

So that's what I'm promising: one page per week, every Wednesday, starting a week from today. It'll be a page (give or take) with a concise snippet of whatever part of the world of Raiusha that I'm working on at the time, and hopefully it'll be in a good enough state by the time I'm done fiddling with it that it'll actually be an intriguing look into the world of the fiction. I hope you enjoy them!

Meanwhile, I'll also be working on the actual novel. That's probably going to be slow going, but I'll keep putting up either whole chapters or excerpts for as long as I'm still writing. And at the end of this, just maybe I'll have something worth putting on a bookshelf someday.

Four A.M... I'll see you tomorrow!